Bigger Park and More Homes on the Southwest Side of Fishers

The new park at 96th and Allisonville off the of the White River could increase in size by about 25% based on a proposal by CRG Residential to the City of Fishers. CRG Residential is proposing a mixed-use development in the area and as part of their plans would give 25 acres to be added to the Fishers White River Park.

It is worth noting that this development will also bring 380 new multi-family units and 66 townhomes if the current proposal goes through. This along with the new developments in the 106th near Lantern Road and a few other areas are likely to impact the demographics for the schools on the west side, which include Fishers Elementary School, which is in need of an update.

The press release from the City of Fishers on the development follows:

FISHERS – CRG Residential announced today a $98 million mixed-use project at the northwest corner of 96th Street and Allisonville Road. The project will include multi-family, townhomes, and commercial retail space situated next to the recently announced 98-acre parkland to the west. The City of Fishers, in close partnership with CRG, also announced the reconstruction of the Michigan Left intersection into a roundabout.

Additionally, CRG Residential has committed to donate the land required for the roundabout and an additional 25 acres of non-floodplain land to increase the size of adjacent parkland, totaling 123 acres for the White River passive nature park.

“This project will enhance the southwest corridor of our community in multiple ways,” said Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness. “The new park, and now the additional buffer zone donated by CRG, will serve as a key amenity for our city and region, providing expanded public access to one of our community’s greatest natural assets—the White River. And as we bring the roundabout intersection online, the additional vehicular traffic will be able to better access the local businesses in the area as a gateway to our city.”

The mixed-use development from Carmel-based CRG will include 380 multi-family units, 66 townhomes for sale and 35,000 square feet of new commercial retail space. It will also include infrastructure improvements to support the City’s new park.

CRG has significant experience with similar public-private partnerships in Indiana, throughout the Midwest and eastern United States. CRG is finishing construction of the Nickel Plate Station in downtown Fishers as well as projects in Greenwood, Westfield, Evansville, Elkhart, Newport, Ky., West Des Moines, Iowa, and Traverse City, Mich., among others.

We are excited about the opportunity to invest in this important corridor of the city and to enhance its value to the community,” said CRG President and Fishers resident Christopher Reid. “There are so many dynamic pieces to this development, particularly the park and greenspace along the White River which will provide access to the overall community. We look forward to working with city officials, Councilors, key partners and the community to develop a project that instills pride in the community.”

At its Feb. 21 meeting, the Fishers City Council will consider project agreement approval after hearing from City of Fishers Economic Development officials and CRG leaders. Their presentation will include more project details and proposed bond financing, which includes $23 million in developer-guaranteed bonds over a term of 25 years for land and infrastructure.


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