A Peek Behind the Curtains: Exclusive Chances to Learning about Fishers, Indiana

Fishers Police Department Citizens Academy

The Fishers police department academy is an eleven week course that tends to happen in the Fall. The focus is a deep dive into the Fishers Police Department.

Registration Requirements

Like the other two academies, you need to apply via a pre-registration process. The pre-registration can be done by emailing the contact person, which was Greg Hepp (heppg@fishers.in.us) at the time this post was written. Pre-registered people will have a background check conducted. If then accepted, they will be asked to fully register through the City’s Viewpoint system, which requires creating an account if you don’t already have one.

About the Fishers Police Department Citizens Academy

The FPD Citizens Academy focuses on providing first-hand information on how the FPD operates. This includes delving into areas such as criminal law, crime prevention, the K-9 program, defensive tactics, and narcotics training. Like the other programs, there are presentations, demonstrations, and hands on activities. Because I’ve not attended this academy yet, I don’t have any insights of my own to share.

I did, however, ask a friend who attended recently to provide their insights and thought on the program. They stated:

Participating in the FPD Citizen’s Academy was pretty eye opening. I had no idea what it means to be a full-service law enforcement organization, how much personality officers have when you are not being detained, what a sense of family the officers have (across levels and ranks) and just how dangerous events like traffic stops can be to officers.

I was not the biggest fan of any PD but the candor of the officers as we engaged in uncomfortable dialogs (usually ones I started) did one huge thing – humanized them.

Do I agree with everything I heard?

No, but I’m glad I was there to hear it and more. Do I recommend others take time out of their schedule to take part in the Academy?  Only if they can challenge themselves to see a different side and perspective. Yes, I would choose to do it again knowing what I now know. (I might have even more INTERESTING questions now that I know a few officers and how willing they are to listen and engage)! 

Based on his feedback, the Fishers Police Department Citizens Academy seems to have the same overall objectives of opening a dialog and educating.


All three programs have similar overall goals — to educate and help citizens within the Fishers area better understand the inner workings and scope of what the City, the schools, and the police force do. For those wanting to know how to get more involved in the community or the schools, these are great ways to learn of the breadth of opportunities. Each program does, however, require a commitment to attend and participate. Each of the programs seem to look for people with inquiring minds that want to know more – who want to peek behind the curtain.

If register and get a chance to you attend, bring your questions and prepare to see and learn a lot. Oh, and also take some time to tweet, post, or otherwise share what you learn!

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