Christmas Tree Recycling Goes Until February 1st

Christmas Tree Recycling

If you used a real Christmas tree, then you are likely ready to remove it from your home if you have not done so already. While many cut them up or dump them into the trash, you can also recycle them with the City of Fishers. To recycle your tree, you can take it to one of three parks around town between now and February 1st. The three parks are:

  • Brooks School Park (11780 Brooks School Road)
  • Cumberland Park (10580 Cumberland Road)
  • Holland Park (1 Park Drive)

At each of these parks you should find a fenced drop-off area for trees. These should be within the parking lots.

Stating the obvious, decorations should be removed from the trees since the intent is to recycle the tree. Additionally, this is for “previously live” wooden trees – not artificial trees. IF you have an artificial tree that you are no longer using that is in good condition, then you can generally look to donate those to places that take other household donations.

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