Covid within Hamilton Southeastern Schools: A Quick Look at the Numbers

Like many schools around the country, Hamilton Southeaster is watching and tracking the positive cases of Covid being reported by students and staff. The numbers for the week of Aug8ust 15th to 22nd were among the highest that the district had seen since the tracking started last school year. With a third week now tracked, we took a look at the breakout of cases fro each school.

We first looked at the overall student positive cases, then at staff. The information is pulled from the HSE Schools dashboard. This dashboard is updated on Mondays to show the previous week’s data. The breakout is for positive cases, Covid symptoms, and contracts. You can also view not only the current cases, but historical data since the tracking started. In the numbers presented below, we focused solely on the positive cases.

The HSE Students

For this school year, there have been 209 positive cases reported within the schools. These cases are spread across all of the schools in the district with the exception of the Academy. The specific breakout for the number of cases reported from August 9th to August 29th by school is:

4 – Brook School Elementary
5 – Cumberland Road Elementary
6 – Durbin Elementary
7 – Fall Creek Elementary
3 – Fall Creek Intermediate
9 – Fall Creek Junior High
3 – Fishers Elementary
23 – Fishers High School
9 – Fishers Junior High
4 – Geist Elementary
0 – Hamilton Southeastern Fishers Academy
20 – Harrison Parkway Elementary
2 – Hoosier Road Elementary
27 – HSE High School
20 – HSE Intermediate / Junior High School
8 – Lantern Road Elementary
1 – New Britton Elementary
8 – Riverside Intermediate
9 – Riverside Junior High
13 – Sand Creek Elementary
9 – Sand Creek Intermediate
14 – Southeastern Elementary
4 – Thorpe Creek Elementary

The HSE Staff

The HSE staff is also being impacted by positive cases. There have been six staff members reported with positive cases each of the three weeks that have been reported this year for a total of 18 staff members impacted. Two of these staff members are in the transportation department. The rest are reports from schools. The impacted staff are shown here by week:

Positive Staff Cases Week of August 23 – 29th
2 – Brook School Elementary
1 – Fishers High School
1 – Riverside Junior High
1 – Sand Creek Elementary
1 – Transportation

Positive Staff Cases Week of August 16 – 22nd
1 – Cumberland Road Elementary
1 – Fishers High School
1 – Hoosier Road Elementary
1 – Lantern Road Elementary
1 – Transportation

Positive Staff Case Week of August 9 – 15th
2 – Brook School Elementary
1 – Hoosier Road Elementary
2 – Riverside Junior High
1 – Sand Creek Intermediate

With substitute teachers still being needed, the impact of Covid cases at the staffing level are important to watch. School principals to be running the schools not the PE classes because they don’t have a substitute.

Thoughts on the Trend

With the school year just starting, it is still early to make too many predictions about where the cases and data are headed. It has only been a week or so since a mask mandate was put in place. Since then the numbers for students have gone down a little bit; however, it is too early to determine if the masks will have a long term impact. Hopefully next week’s numbers will continue what started this week as a downward trend.

It isn’t just within the school buildings and on buses were a virus can be spread. With big sporting events back in action including Mudsock in two weeks, they key is to make sure that if you or your child are not feeling well, or if either of you simply have a temperature, that you stay away from others. Let’s hope these numbers continue to trend down for Hamilton Southeastern Schools.

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