Dear Congressman / State Governor, Save Our Country


This was written in response to the actions that occurred in Washington DC on June 1st, 2020. This was sent to the Indiana state congressional representatives as well as the Indiana state governor. This is not about Fishers, but ultimately impacts Fishers.

Dear Congressman / State Governor,

Why are you not livid? The line has been crossed.

You, all of Congress, and all of the state leaders cannot continue to stand complacently around while our President takes a knee on the American people.

What occurred Monday evening was an unprovoked attack on American citizens exercising their constitutional rights. The act of firing gas (pepper or tear) and physically shoving, moving, or otherwise attacking citizens is unacceptable and a violation of what we hold dear in America. Including reporters in the attack adds violations against the First Amendment to the callous actions as well. The fact that reporters from at least one other country, Australia, were also physically attacked simply exasperates the situation.

There is no justifiable reason for these actions, so doing the violations for a photo opportunity is simply salt in the wound. Curfew had not started, so no matter the reasons the President might have, the actions would still be assault on American people. The cognitive dissidence of doing this in order to be able to hold a Bible for a photo opportunity is mind numbing to try to comprehend.

While it was scary to hear the President declare war on Americans by implying that the military should be deployed against citizens and that bullets should be allowed to fly, this act Monday night was even more horrifying. And yet you and our congressional and state leaders appear to be mostly standing by silently, doing nothing visible. You appear to have your hands in your pockets while the President and his team put their knee on the neck of America.

Monday night was an assault against American people. It was an actual, literal assault. Those that ordered it and carried it out should be charged. Congress and state leaders should be demanding action. You should be protesting. Better yet, you should be using the powers set up by our Constitution and laws to remedy the situation so it never, ever happens again.

You were elected by us, the people, not by your party. Stop standing around playing party politics. Get the knee removed off of the neck of America and do your job of representing the people of this great country. The country has gone unconscious. Are you going to continue to stand there and do nothing for another three or four minutes? You need to go after the thugs that attacked Americans Monday night. You need to do it now before it is too late.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Congressman / State Governor, Save Our Country

  1. In writing this letter/post, there are a couple of things unsaid. It is assumed that you would know these things.

    For those that haven’t been watching, police and national guard were ordered to clear protestors from an area of Washington DC so that the President of the United States could walk to a church to do a photo shoot. The intent was to hold a Bible in front of a church that had been previously attached.

    The President’s people shoved, hit, and fired canisters at the people to get them to leave. Most of the people being assaulted were peacefully protesting. In news footage, you can see one Australian camera man get hammered with a large police shield for no reason. There is plenty of additional footage documenting the incident.

    Currently, “blame” is being pointed at Barr for ordering the protestors be cleared. This was done prior to curfew. There is also word being spread that “tear gas” was not used; however, canisters of a gas that caused stinging of eyes was used. It is now reported that these were pepper bombs, which are considered a form of tear gas.

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