Geist Waterfront Park: Phase 1

Geist Waterfront Park

The City of Fishers is looking to enter into an agreement to begin phase 1 of the Geist Waterfront Park. This first phase is a project that will cost just under $16 million dollars (which I’m told is just under the amount you need to involve a public vote).

What will be in phase 1? The following is what is currently expected:

  • A Beach, including ADA access
  • A beach-side play space
  • (1) large picnic shelter, several smaller picnic shelters
  • Canoe/kayak launch and storage
  • Utility connections for a future community building
  • Prefabricated restroom building
  • Large-format block retaining wall
  • Paved parking lot with bioswales
  • Overlook plaza w/ drop-off zone
  • Flexible lawn space serving as an interim storm-water treatment area
  • Parking area for food trucks/vendors
  • Bus parking area
  • Gateway features and perimeter fencing
  • Entrance gates
  • Welcome station and ticketing kiosk

Of course, of equal importance is the question of how soon with the project be open. If the contract is signed for the project, then the following are the estimated time frames for each phase of the project:

  • Due Diligence/Schematic Design Phase 7 weeks
  • Design Development Phase 11 weeks
  • Construction Document Phase 15 weeks
  • Bidding Phase 4 weeks
  • Construction Contract Administration Phase 52 weeks*
    *estimated – will be determined during the design process

As you can see, it is basically a two year project, which means mid-2022 would be the earliest the park is likely to be usable.

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UPDATE (8/14)

The Indianapolis Business Journal reported that the park is expected to cost a total of $27 million and is planned in three stages. The first phase with the beach is expected to be complete by 2024. The other phases (which could change) are not scheduled for specific times beyond saying a target completion date of 2040. The IBJ posted the following as well:

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