Hamilton County Says No Bikes or Runners at 146th and Allisonville

Hamilton County has issued a new ordinance that applies to the 146th Street and Allisonville area. This is an area under construction for the addition of a roundabout and is expected to be under construction until the summer of 2025. The area has been one of confusion for many drivers as well as pedestrians as the rules have changed a few times while construction is happening.

Because of construction, the area is closed to bicycles and pedestrians. Many people use the trail along 146th as a connector to get from Fishers to the trails on the Carmel side of the White River as well as to go up and down 146th Street. It is one of the only areas other than 116th Street where bikers and runners can cross over the river.

Hamilton County has issued a press release with the following information:

Hamilton County, Indiana – Our field personnel have reported a large number of bicycle and pedestrian traffic within closed construction limits at 146th Street and Allisonville Road. This is an active construction zone where bicycle and pedestrian traffic is prohibited. Signage indicating “No Pedestrians or Bicycles” has been installed at all ends of the project.  

Our goal is to keep our workers, motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians safe during construction. Reminding people to be cognizant of their surroundings and obeying the closure limits is of utmost importance. Even with proper PPE that our construction crews are wearing, it could be hazardous. Please keep yourself safe and out of harm’s way by finding an alternate route.

You can find more information on the construction of the interchange at https://hamiltoncounty.in.gov/1238/146th-St-Allisonville-Rd-Interchange.

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