HEPL Moved Books – July 20, 2023 List

The Hamilton East Public Library board has required teen and children’s books to be reviewed and if they contain certain violence, profanity, racism, sexual situations, or other issues they are to be moved to the adult section. Going forward, instead of finding these books in the Teen Zone or Kids areas, they will be shelved in the General section with all adult content. Kids will find them there. I’ve been asked where to find this list, and thought it easier to simply post the current list here. The review process is currently about 25% complete.

Fiction relocated to General (TA) to date 7/19/23

Title Author
100 Sideways Miles Smith
A Curse of Roses Pinguicha
A Little Bit Country Kennedy
A Reaper at the Gates Tahir
A Reaper at the Gates (Audio) Tahir
A Scatter of Light Lo
A Sky Beyond the Storm Tahir
A Torch Against the Night Tahir
A Torch against the night (Audio) Tahir
Adachi Shimamura Novel 10 Iruma
Adachi Shimamura Novel 3 Iruma
Adachi Shimamura Novel 4 Iruma
Adachi Shimamura Novel 6 Iruma
Adachi Shimamura Novel 7 Iruma
Adachi Shimamura Novel 9 Iruma
After the Ink Dries Gustafson
All Out Mitchell
All the Rage Summers
All the Truth That’s in Me Berry
American Panda Chao
American Street Zoboi
Americanized Saedi
And They Lived Salvatore
Ashes to Ashes Han
Autoboyography Lauren
Be Not Far From Me McGinnis
Beautiful Reed
Between Shades of Gray Sepetys
Between Shades of Gray (audio) Sepetys
Blanca & Roja McLemore
Blood & Honey Mahurin
Blood Water Paint McCullough
Boy Toy Lyga
Breathless Niven
Breathless (Audio) Niven
Bull Elliott
Burn Hopkins
Burn (Audio) Ness
Chain of Thorns Clare
Charming as a Verb Philippe
Cold Tamaki
Concrete Rose Thomas
Concrete Rose (Audio) Thomas
Crank Hopkins
Crooked Kingdom Bardugo
Fiction relocated to General (YA) – to date 7/19/23
Dear Martin Stone
Dear Martin (Audio) Stone
Dear Nobody Mary Rose
Defy Me Mafi
Destination Anywhere Barnard
Dig King
Felix Ever After Callender
Finding Audrey Kinsella
Finding Audrey (Audio) Kinsella
Fix Mann
Flame in the Mist Ahdieh
Flirting with Boys Abbot
Forever Blume
Freshmen Ellen
Gabi, a Girl in Pieces Quintero
Generation Brave Alexander
Gods & Monsters Mahurin
Grasshopper Jungle Smith
Gravity Deming
Grown Jackson
Grown (Audio) Jackson
Halo Adornetto
He Must Like You Younge-Ullman
He Said, She Said Alexander
How it all Blew Up Ahmadi
How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories Black
How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories (audio) Black
How to Survive Your Murder Valentine
I Am not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter Sanchez
I Have Lost My Way Forman
I Miss you, I hate this Saedi
Icebreaker Graziadei
If He Had Been With me Nowlin
I’ll Give you the Sune Nelson
I’m the Girl Summers
Impulse Hopkins
Infinite Risk Aguirre
Iron River Acosta
It Ends in Fire Shvarts
Jays Gay Agenda Jason June
Jesse’s Girl Kenneally
Juliet Takes a Breath Rivera
Kate in Waiting Albertalli
Kingdom of Souls Barron
King’s Cage Aveyard
Kingsbane Legrand
Kiss & Tell Khorram
Last Chance Books Rodkey
Learning to Breathe Mather
Lies like Wildfire Alvarez
Light it up Magoon
Looking for Alaska Green
Looking for Alaska (audio) Green
Loveless Oseman
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Andrews
More Happy Than Not Silvera
More Than Just a Pretty Face Masood
Mortal Danger Aguirre
Muse of Nightmares Taylor
Mystic City Lawrence
Namesake Young
Nine Liars (Audio) Johnson
Not Here to be Liked Quach
Off the Record Garrett
On the Subject of Unmentionable Things Walton
Only Mostly Devastate Gonzales
Ophelia After All Marie
Out of the Easy Sepetys
Permanant Record Choi
Private Label Yang
Public Enemies Aguirre
Pulp Talley
Racing Savannah Kenneally
Ramona Blue Murphy
Ready When You Are Lonesborough
Reaper of Souls Barron
Red Hood Arnold
Rose Under Fire Wein
Ruin and Rising Bardugo
Salt to the Sea Sepetys
Salt to the Sea (audio) Sepetys
Save Me, Kurt Cobain Manzer
Scattered Showers Rowell
Shiny Broken Pieces Charaipotra
Siege and Storm Bardugo
Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda Albertalli
Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda (audio) Albertalli
Six Angry Girls Kisner
Six of Crows Bardugo
Smoke in the Sun Ahdieh
Sold McCormick
Some Other Now Everett
Sorry For Your Loss Foley
Sparks Adams
Speak Anderson
Spin the Dawn Lim
Splendor Arnold
Stay Caletti
Stealing Parker Kenneally
Strange Grace Gratton
Sugaring Off French
Summer Skin Eager
Tess of the Road Hartman
Th1rteen R3asons Why Asher
That Night Balog
That Way Madness Lies Adler
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Alexie
The Accident Season Fowley-Doyle
The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza Hutchinson
The Art of Breaking Things Sibson
The Art of Not Breathing Alexander
The Art of Starving Miller
The Beautiful Ahdieh
The Black Flamingo Atta
The Brilliant Death Capetta
The Chandler Legacies Nazemian
The Damned Ahdieh
The Dazzling Heights McGee
The Electric Heir Lee
The Everything I have Lost Aguilar
The Fault in our Stars Green
The Fault in our Stars (audio) Green
The Feeling of Falling in Love Deaver
The Female of the Species McGinnis
The Fever King Lee
The Gilded Wolves Chokshi
The Hunger Between Us Scott
The Infinite Moment of Us Myracle
The Last True Poets of the Sea Drake
The Librarian of Auschwitz Iturbe
The Mirror Season McLemore
The Moon and More Dessen
The Piper’s Son Marchetta
The Poet X Acevedo
The Poet X (audio) Acevedo
The Queen of Nothing Black
The Righteous Ahdieh
The Silvered Serpents Chokshi
The Storm of Life Capetta
The Summer of Impossibilities Allen
The Thousandth Floor McGee
The Towering Sky McGee
The Upside of Falling Light
The War of Two Queens Armentrout
The Weight of Blood Jackson
The Wicked King Black
The You I’ve Never Known Hopkins
They Went Left Hesse
They Went Left (Audio) Hesse
Things I Can’t Forget Kenneally
Things We Couldn’t Say Coles
This is Kind of An Epic Love Story Callender
This is Why They Hate Us Aceves
Tilt Hopkins
Tiny Pretty Things Charaipotra
Tonight We Rule the World Smedley
Tower of Dawn Maas
Traffick Hopkins
Two Boys Kissing Levithan
Under Shifting Stars Latos
Unravel Me Mafi
Unravel the Dusk Lim
Violet Made of Thorns Chen
War Storm Aveyard
We Set the Dark on Fire Mejia
What Girls are Made Of Arnold
What if it’s Us Albertalli
Where I End and You Begin Norton
Who Put this Song On Parker
Why We Broke Up Handler
Why We Fly Jones
Wild Tongues Can’t be Tamed Fennell
Wildcard Lu
Witches Steeped in Gold Smart
With the Fire On High Acevedo
With the Fire On High (Audio) Acevedo
Wraithwood Roat
Wrong Side of the Court Khan
X: A Novel Shabazz
XL Brown
Yolo Myracle
You Must Not Miss Leno
You Say it First Cotugno
You’d Be Home Now Glasgow

Graphic Novels relocated to General (YA) – to date 7/19/23
Title or Series Title Author

Check Please! Book 2 Ukazu
Summer Spirit Holleville

Manga relocated to General (YA) – to date 7/19/23

Series Title Volumes
A Bride’s Story series 3
Adachi & Shimamura series 2
Afro Samurai 1
After Hours series 3
Afterschool Charisma series 10
Akame ga Kill series 15
Akira 1
Alice in the Country of Hearts series 3
Asadora series 5
Assasination Classroom series 21
Attack on Titan series 69
B.O.D.Y. series 3
Bakuman series 20
Beastars series 15
Beyond the promised neverland 1
Black Butler series 26
Black Clover 32
Blue Exorcist series 27
Blue Flag series 8
Blue Lock series 4
Blue Period series 13
Boys run the riot series 4
Bungo Stray Dogs series 17
Cat Paradise series 5
Chainsaw Man series 11
Children of the Whales series 20
Cross Game 8
Crown of Love series 4
Dark Gathering 1
Death Note series 13
Delicious in dungeon series 11
Devil’s Line series 14
Emma series 6
Failed Princess series 5
Fairy Tail 63
Fate/zero series 8
Fire Force series 24
Flame of Recca series 4
Flower of life series 3
Fly me to the Moon series 4
Food Wars series 36
Manga relocated to General (YA) – to date 7/19/23
Four Knights of the Apocalypse series 6
Fruits Basket 12
Fullmetla Alchemist 27
Girls’ Last Tour 4
Haikyu 45
Hana & Hina: After School 2
Hana-Kimi series 23
Hunter x hunter series 35
I want to be a wall series 2
If I could reach you series 7
Immortal hounds series 6
Inubaka series 17
InuYasha series 17
Jujutsu kaisen series 19
Kaguya-sama series 20
Kaiju Girl Carmelise 5
Kaiju no.8 series 6
Kamisama Kiss 25
Keep your hands off Eizouken series 3
Komi Can’t Communicate 18
K-On series 5
Kuroko’s basketball series 14
Laid-back camp 7
Library Wars series 15
Line 1
Macbeth 1
Magical Girl Apocalypse series 16
Mao series 10
Mob 6
Mobile suit Gundam Thunderbolt series 14
Mobile suit Gundam: the origin series 4
Monkey High series 8
My Dead Girlfriend 1
My Hero Academia Smash 5
My Special one 2
Neon Genesis Evangelion series 3
Noragami 3
Not your idiot 2
Othello series 3
Parasyte 1
Pluto series 2
Pretty Boy Detective Club 2
Pumpkin scissors series 2
Radiant 14
Restaurant to Another World 4
Revolutionary Girl Utena series 5
Saint Young Men 5
School-live series 12
Shadow Star series 3
Shaman warrior series 2
Solanin 1
Soul Eater not series 5
Soul Eater series 25
Spoof on Titan 2
Spy x Family series 9
Stepping on roses series 2
Sweet Blue Flowers series 4
Sword Art online Progressive series 9
The Ancient Magus’ Bride 9
The Apothecary Diaries series 6
The Case Study of Vanitas series 8
The Gentlemen’s alliance series 11
The Golden Sheep series 3
The King’s Beast 9
The Promised neverland series 20
The Quitessential Quituplets series 14
The Rose of Versailles 4
The Seven Deadly Sins series 41
The Yellow Stringer 1
The Young Master’s Revenge 4
Thus spoke Rohan Kishibe series 2
Time Lag 1
Tombs 1
Trigun 1
Uzumaki 1
Vampire Knight memories series 7
Vampire Knight series 19
We Were There series 3
Whisper me a love song series 5
Yggdrasil series 2
Yona of the Dawn 36
Yoshi no Zuikara 3
Your Name 2
Yowamushi Pedal 9
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V 7
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal 9
Yuyu Hakusho 3

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