Laws Changing in Fishers this Year


The distracted driving law changes is likely the biggest change to impact the most people, but there are several other new laws happening July 1st that are also going to impact people within Fishers. I just wrote about the change that makes it illegal to use a mobile device while driving under most circumstances. In this post, I’ll mention a few other changing laws that are happening as well.

For those looking to buy tobacco or vaping products, Senate Bill 1 officially shifts the smoking age from 18 to 21. This includes buying or possessing tobacco, e-liquids, or electronic cigarettes. In addition, the changes include doubling the civil judgment for infractions.   

House Enrolled Act 1004 provides for a number of changes related to health care, especially around surprise billing. A few of the important ones include that beginning July 1st, 2021 health care providers are required to provide a good faith estimate to individuals that request it for the total price of non-emergency services. The bill covers a wide range of topics ranging from average negotiated charges for procedures to defining what entails a good faith estimate. It also includes restrictions on what an out-of-network practitioner can charge when a person uses an in-network facility.

Similar to Act 1004, is Senate Bill 5, which also focuses on health care, and more specifically, costs. It requires that hospitals, ambulatory outpatient surgical centers, and urgent care facilities post certain information about services they provide along with weighted average negotiated charge for the services. This bill is also relatively long.

A topic that has come up in conversations on the Fishers Chatter Facebook page is that of people panhandling or asking for money at some of the gas stations and businesses in Fishers. With House Bill 1022, starting July 1st it will be illegal to panhandle within 50 feet of the entrance or exist of a bank, business, or restaurant as well as within 50 feet of locations where financial transactions occur and public monuments. Previously, there was a clause that limited some panhandling restrictions to after sunset and before sunrise. That changes to any time of day. [EDIT/UPDATE: A federal judge struck down the panhandling law, so this won’t be happening]

These are just a few of the laws changing. I’ll be covering a few others in separate articles over the next few days. This includes changes impacting our schools and one that helps protect against a common conspiracy theory! Stay tuned for those!

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