Our Public Library Is Not Just Books: (Cookie) Bar Crawl

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Judging cookies? Sounds yummy! Saturday, December 9th from 4:00 to 5:00pm is the Hamilton East Public Library (Cookie) Bar Crawl. This is a chance to have your cookies (or other baked treat) judged or to be a judge. At the time of this writing, 10 judging slots were still open for this event at the Fishers Public Library.

Local bakers and HEPL will share their favorites recipes for all things bars – cookie bars, brownies, rice krispies, and other bite-sized treats. Judges will try each treat and vote on their favorite. Those choosing to bake can also register to judge, but clearly can’t vote for their own treats.

You can register at https://hepl.libnet.info/event/9395753 to be a judge (if slots are still available).

This is just one more example of a program the library is doing that goes beyond books. This is an adult-only program, so if you are looking for a reason to do a bar crawl, err., cookie bar crawl, and to get away from the kids for a bit, then you can sign up today!

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