April 20th Covid-19 Update from Mayor Fadness

At the April 20th City Council meeting, Mayor Fadness presented an update on the status of the City of Fishers in regard to Covid-19 and the city. The following are my notes, and thus a summary, of what the Mayor mentioned in his comments:

  • Life safety of our community is important. The mayor expects the state level “stay at home” order to continue until as least May 1st.
  • Two police officers had shown positive for Covid-19, but have recovered and are back on the force.
  • 100 Fire station Covid-19 runs have happened, but Fishers has not had a firefighter fall ill at this time.
  • Our policemen and Firemen have what they need as far as masks and PPE for at least the next 90 days, so the city is good.
  • Good public social distancing needs to continue even though it is getting warm.
  • There has been a small uptick in domestic violence. The city is aware of this, and they are working to make sure that everyone continues to be as safe as can be.
  • Chief Gebhart has charged people with violating the executive Stay order, but this has been in conjunction with other charges. For example, [illegally] selling drugs is not considered an essential business.
  • The chamber has recently done a survey of local small businesses. One of the top issues was mental health of employees. The city has worked to provide wellness resources.
  • Sign ordinance has been loosened to let businesses put out signs to say they are open for carryout and delivery.
  • The mayor believes we are entering Phase 3…. The Mayor and his council have been working on a comprehensive plan to put our city back on its feet. He hopes to have a plan rolled out by late this week.

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