Can You Have That HOA Meeting in Fishers Today?


While the school buildings might be opening back up for kids, that doesn’t mean other things are opening. The City of Fishers is still in a Red Covid category. With many Home Owner Associations (HOAs) meeting the first month or two of the year, it is important to know – can you even have an in-person HOA meeting?

Currently Public Health Order 9 is in place in Fishers. Per this order, attendance for indoor social meetings is limited to just 10 people or fewer. For events, which an HOA meeting likely falls within, the limit is 25 people or fewer. As such, if your HOA meeting could have more than 25 people attending then you would need special permission from the health department.

The list of items included in the current health order, which is in effect until 11:59pm on February 8th include:

  • Extracurricular and sports activities
    • Attendance limited to participants, support personnel, and parents/guardians/siblings
  • Social gatherings
    • Indoor social gatherings limited to 10 or fewer
    • Outdoor social gatherings limited to 25 or fewer
    • Events strictly limited to 25 or fewer
  • Restaurants
    • Masks must be worn except when eating or drinking
    • Party sizes must be less than 8 people
    • Table service required
    • No bar top seating
    • No more than two persons may wait in the lobby
  • Face masks mandated – In general, face shields are not considered adequate on their own.

Because of the current Red status, many HOAs have chosen to do virtual meetings using tools such as Zoom.

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