The Washington Business Park Coming Just North of Fishers

Just north of Fishers and to the east of 37, a new business parks is being proposed off of Cumberland Road. This replaces a field that currently exists with what Mary Chris Jensen of Noblesville indicates will be 800,000 square feet of new space for businesses. This is just north of 146th Street, so it is sure to take advantage of the updates to 37 being made by the county and the city of Fishers.

It was indicated that there will be a number of lots ranging from 2 acres to 22 acres on the site with buildings that could be up to 250,00 square feet. Like most projects that cities in our area are doing, it is expected that a TIF bond will be used towards the project. If this project is approved by the Noblesville Common Council, then the developer hopes to start working on the project this year.

For more information, check out the City of Noblesville site at;id=8766

The Washington Business Park
Noblesville Office Park

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