HSE Schools Continue Meal Assistance for Students in Need

The Hamilton Southeastern School district is continuing to distribute breakfast and lunch items weekly to students who would normally receive free and reduced school meals. As of April 14th, weekly food distribution is happening on Tuesdays and will continue through May 19. According to the HSE site, the food packs being distributed will generally consist of five breakfasts and five lunches. This is intended to supplement what hopefully the child has available already.

Families can sign up on the HSE site at https://bit.ly/2xFsMk9. The form at this site is relative straight forward asking for the child’s Parent/Gardian name, an email address, phone number, number of school aged children needing assistance, List of children’s names, indication of which HSE school(s) children attend, and which high school will be used for pickup.

The actual food pickup is from 11:00am to 1:00pm at either the Fishers High School’s CCA entrance (Door #19 off Promise Road) or at Hamilton Southeastern High School also at the CCA entrance (door #18). The school has set up a specific procedure for the pickups to reduce risk of exposure to Covid-19 that is outlined on their site at the link above. Additionally, they are allowing people to pick up for more than one family if necessary.

According to Dr. Bourff, there were 1,250 students signed up for the first distribution after Spring Break. This equated to about 11,000 meals being distributed. He also indicated that they are still accepting registrations for the food assistance. For those in need of food assistance, they ask that you register at the site above since this enables the district to get reimbursement for the food from government funding. Indications were that while the funds are limited, there is still room to support more kids based on the available funding.

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